Open Data Science Europe workshop 2022

GRASS GIS 8 (Part 2): Processing multitemporal EO data
2022-06-14, 11:00–12:30, Workshop room 2 - C223

GRASS GIS supports time-series processing for vector, raster, and volume data. This workshop offers a micro-introduction to Landsat and Sentinel satellite data archives, and the various ways to access them. It also explores the i.sentinel toolset which allows querying Sentinel data coverage for a region of interest, downloading from multiple data sources, performing atmospheric and topographic corrections, and cloud/shadow masking. This workshop also gives a preparation of data for multitemporal analyses is enabled in the t.sentinel and t.rast.mosaic extensions through automatic creation of space-time raster datasets (strds), and temporal aggregation to obtain cloud-free temporal mosaics of arbitrary granularity. It explores the computation of NDVI time series.

Candidate datasets: Sentinel-2, ERA5 land air temperature, surface temperature and precipitation (daily data).

Software requirements: GRASS GIS 8.2

Markus Neteler, PhD, is a cofounder of mundialis after having spent 15 years as a researcher in Italy. His focus is on Earth Observation, GIS and cloud computing. Markus managed for two decades the GRASS GIS project, and he is a founding member of OSGeo and other organizations.

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