Open Data Science Europe workshop 2022

GRASS GIS 8 (Part 1): Introduction and new features
2022-06-14, 09:00–10:30, Workshop room 2 - C223

This workshop is an introduction to the new version 8.2 of GRASS GIS, showcasing the new functionality and the heavily redesigned graphical user interface. It also explores the interaction with data (visualization, styling, map elements), the analysis of data from different domains, and it introduces to automated processing.
We will introduce to Python 3 scripting, spatio-temporal data analysis, and more.

Candidate datasets: improved ERA5 land air temperature, surface temperature and precipitation (daily data).

Software requirements: GRASS GIS 8.2

Markus Neteler, PhD, is a cofounder of mundialis after having spent 15 years as a researcher in Italy. His focus is on Earth Observation, GIS and cloud computing. Markus managed for two decades the GRASS GIS project, and he is a founding member of OSGeo and other organizations.

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