Open Data Science Europe workshop 2022

Visualizing a vanished landscape using virtual reality II.
2022-06-16, 14:10–14:30, Lobby - Poster session

Virtual reality (VR) has seen rapid growth over the past decade. It has become particularly popular in the gaming industry for its ability to create an immersive simulation of presence in an artificial environment. However, its capabilities can also be used for scientific purposes, for example, to display real geographic data in a high level of detail. As part of a project by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, data collection of the vanished landscape around the Vltava River, a major Czech river, was carried out. This data was subsequently used as a basis for a realistic 3D model of the landscape with the addition of detailed parts (land cover, buildings, vegetation, water) using procedural modeling. Thanks to VR technology, it is possible not only to view this model on a flat screen but also to immerse oneself in it and let the landscape appear as if it were around us.

Ph.D. student at the Czech Technical University in Prague. The field of study is 3D GIS data visualization and analysis, including procedural modeling or virtual reality.

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