Open Data Science Europe workshop 2022

Spatio-temporal modeling of changing topographies: from point clouds to tangible interfaces
2022-06-15, 11:00–11:40, Conference room - C202

Emergence of lidar technologies has redefined how we monitor, analyze and visualize earth surface. Elevation data now cover bare earth along with structures and vegetation over multiple time snapshots capturing dynamics of landscape processes, 3D evolution of vegetation as well as urban development at sub-meter resolutions. In this presentation we explore GRASS GIS methods and tools for processing and visualization of mutlitemporal elevation data using several case studies. Urban topography is cost effectively updated by fusing UAS survey data with existing lidar-based elevation models. Seamless elevation coverage is created from fragmented lidar and UAS data to capture dynamic coastal topography. Structure and changes in vegetation and crop canopy are analyzed from lidar point cloud data and canopy surface models generated from UAS imagery. Impact of changes in topography and land cover are collaboratively studied using malleable physical models coupled with GRASS GIS in Tangible Landscape.