Open Data Science Europe workshop 2022

European Commission’s data policy in 2022
2022-06-16, 13:30–14:10, Conference room - C202

In 2022 the European Commission will continue monitoring and enforcing the transposition of the Open Data Directive in all EU Member States. It will identify a list of ‘high-value datasets’, whose re-use can bring particular benefits for society, the environment and the economy. Such data will have to be available for re-use for free, in machine-readable format, via APIs and, where relevant, as a bulk download. Geospatial (INSPIRE) data will likely represent a very important part of high-value datasets. The Digital Europe Programme will support creation of common EU data spaces. In particular, a call on Open Data for AI provides funding for the public sector to get their data ready to meet the requirements of high-value datasets. Finally, two other upcoming pieces of legislation focus on easier sharing of data: the Data Governance Act (the Regulation to be adopted by the co-legislators in the spring) and the Data Act (the proposal was submitted to the co-legislators in February 2022).